Dr. Michael Stoll,

Michael A. Stoll,

Michael Stoll,

Dr. Michael Stoll, Prof. of Mathematics, School of Engineering and Science, International University Bremen, Germany.

Dr. Michael A. Stoll, Associate Professor of Policy Studies and Urban Planning, Acting Director, Center for the Study of Urban Poverty, UCLA.

Michael Stoll, Harvard University sophomore and skuller.

Michael S. Stoll, convicted of murdering his wife Julie in Florida in 1994. Sentenced to death in 1998.

Michael H. Stoll, president, Lucent Technologies Indonesia.

Michael Stoll, poet and musician, Germany.

Michael Stoll, gymnast, Germany.

Michael Stoll, director of philanthropy, Blind Babies Foundation, San Francisco.

Michael Stoll, environmental engineer, Oakland, Calif.

Michael Stoll, Quality Assurance Manager for Aida America in Dayton, Ohio.

Mike Stoll, real estate agent, Streetsmart Real Estate, Fairfax, Va.

Prof. Michael Stoll, design professor, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences